The gardens of the Carmen show an ample selection of all the trees that were traditionally planted in these properties, with some remarkable examples like the palm tree, a huge berry tree, a khaki, several “granados”, etc. There is also a large number of shrubs and plants of great beauty that are easy to keep due to the abundance of water coming to the gardens from the canals of the Alhambra, for the property holds a traditional pond of irrigation, typical of the gardens of Granada, and owns the rights on its water.

The most notorious element in these gardens is the enormous cross that presides over all the property. It is known as La Cruz de los Mártires (the Cross Of the Martyrs) and it can be seen from the city and the valley. It was erected in 1903 to commemorate the entrance of 20th century.

The house has five doors to the gardens. Different levels of the gardens hold four doors to three different streets and a square, plus a garage door.